F.A.Q Panama

Yes. Panama’s government allows foreigners the same rights as locals to purchase property. Internationally known that Panama has a high real estate investment value and a wonderful lifestyle to offer to its buyers.
ON To Paradise Realty has a team of lawyers that can aid you in the process of buying your home in paradise. Panama’s system has been developed to protect home buyers and investors.
As a foreign buyer, there is no home financing from a Panama bank. Consider retirement funds or home equity loan to fund your dream in paradise. There are instances where the seller may owner finance your property.
You can be assured that your down payment funds are secure through an attorney and an escrow corporation. Your attorney from ON To Paradise Realty may act as an escrow agent who becomes responsible for the monetary aspects of the transaction. Your ON To Paradise Realty attorney provides security for both the buyer and seller to ensure that the funds are distributed according to the real estate contract. The only entity that will advise you of where to send your funds is the escrow company and you should advise your attorney or escrow company if you have questions regarding the transfer of funds.
Closing on your dream property can vary from 45-90 days. After the contract is drawn, signing is next, and the deed is subsequently recorded with the Public Registrar. You can give your ON To Paradise Realty attorney the power to sign the contract if you cannot sign the deed personally. Closing fees are 4% for non-owner financed properties and are usually paid by the buyer.
Simply put it is living in paradise. The key factors to consider are the weather is warm year-round, the people are friendly, low crime rate, top healthcare in the America’s, proximity to major USA airport hubs, your money goes further than back home allowing you to live your dream in paradise. Safety, healthcare, value of your money is the reasons why thousands of expats have relocated to paradise in Panama.

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