F.A.Q. El Salvador

Yes. The process is easy to purchase a property in El Salvador. The government requires only two documents: the first is a photo ID such as a passport and the second being a Salvadorian NIT card (Tax Identification Number). El Salvador has a high real estate investment value and a wonderful lifestyle to offer to its buyers.
Real Estate prices have been on a steady increase and are expected to continue to do so in the future. If you are considering property as an investment it is a particularly wise move, especially in the coastal regions.
ON To Paradise has a team of lawyers that can aid you in the process of buying your home in paradise. El Salvador’s system has been developed to protect home buyers and investors.
ON To Paradise will be invaluable to help you choose the right property. Your specialist will work with you to identify properties which meet your real estate goals. Your ON To Paradise will give you a choice of properties. At the point that you have made your property selection then an offer is made, a written contract developed, and an offer made to the seller.
You can be assured that your down payment funds are secure through an attorney and an escrow corporation. Your attorney from ON To Paradise may act as an escrow agent who becomes responsible for the monetary aspects of the transaction. Your ON To Paradise attorney provides security for both the buyer and seller to ensure that the funds are distributed according to the real estate contract.
There are no restrictions on foreigners buying urban land. Foreigners should be aware of the need to be cautious about property rights. All property is registered in the Instituto Libertad y Progreso, a state-owned registry that clearly identifies the owner of the property. The accuracy of this registry, which is currently being computerized, makes property insurance obsolete. This type of registry is considered a safe way to guarantee ownership. The whole process of registering a property can be completed in around 22 to 37 days.
Simply put it is living in paradise. The key factors to consider are the weather is warm year-round, the people are friendly, close proximity to major USA airport hubs, your money goes further than back home allowing you to live your dream in paradise. Value of your money is the reasons why thousands of expats have relocated to paradise. Let ON To Paradise Realty work with you to secure your piece of paradise.
The final step in the process of acquiring your paradise property is to contact ON To Paradise, so you also can relax and enjoy your hammock on the beach!

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