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Why Invest In Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a great opportunity to explore an exciting market in the most attractive commercial country in Latin America. With strong sectors, including the service industry, electronic components, and tourism, Costa Rica has a range of diverse markets that are of significant interest to smart foreign investors.

Costa Rica provides a dynamic platform for talent development, in alignment with market needs and the jobs of the future. Costa Rica’s human talent is its greatest resource. Costa Rica ranks #5 in the world, behind #4 United States, in Human Capital score because it commits 14% of total government expenditure to elementary, high school and post-high school education. Nearly double the average 7.9% of OECD countries.

Costa Rica ranks #1 for Innovation Outputs in Latin America, #1 in digital skills of the population, and where 99%of electricity comes from renewables. It is the only nation to revert deforestation and is home 6.5%of the world’s biodiversity in just 0.03% of the Earth’s surface.

Let ON to Paradise Realty lend a hand to locate your piece of land or business in beautiful, peaceful, prosperous Costa Rica.

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