Try Guatemala – Heart of the Mayan World

Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America and the “Heart of the Mayan World.” If you are seeking a rich and unique culture, then Guatemala is for you. Culture, comfort and low-cost of living are magnets for expats who look forward to hearing the sounds of a marimba and children splashing happily on the shores of the lake.

Guatemala where exotic traditions…Mayan gods mix with Catholicism, you will find your paradise home. Walk the cobbled streets of the country’s preserved 16th-century towns, visit fruit and vegetable markets, women wearing hand-woven huiples—a loose fitting tunic—each with a different pattern that identifies their community.

Worlds away from the hectic U.S. and Canada, Guatemala is just a two-hour flight from Miami. Distance from the states is a major reason expat come to Guatemala, but they also make their retirement home in the Antigua region because of the climate. In the southern highlands where most people live, temperatures average 70 F year-round and humidity is low. No need for air conditioning.

Add to this that a couple can live comfortably on $1,000 to $1,500 a month including rent. That means your own maid and gardener ($3 an hour each), regular massages (around $10), dining out on cuisine from around the world (around $20 for a three-course meal), and local vendors delivering fresh produce to your door. Affordable and available health care where Zona 10, Guatemala City is a hub of private clinics. Your backyard is home to one of the most impressive Mayan archaeological sites. Volcanic black-sand beaches on the Pacific coast have a reputation among surfers.

Lovely Antigua, one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, basks in the glow of unspoiled colonial romance with a rich and intact native culture. Its colonial architecture with added with vibrant lush green vegetation surrounded by three volcanoes and the results are a romantic ambiance unmatched anywhere.

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